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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
Well, that's how I feel, also.
Glad you said it!

But, I know, I know ---the tree is me, too...and I am God ...yet, I'm not controlling galaxies and billions
upon billions of Suns.
It's all very tricky, cuz of the unconscience.

Interesting... perhaps, because like me, we are still experiencing separateness? Dunno, just mullin it around with ya a bit here. Alan Watts is pretty sure we are doing all things in the universe. Some of his materials are so interesting while being weird to me. I love to think on them however.

I really am glad his kids decided to do a call worldwide for all the recordings people had made when attending his lectures! They have been turning those recordings into new books which I have been purchasing, and they are really good to read. I also enjoy having so many of his lectures now on You Tube. The man was one heckuva great speaker.
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