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What suffers? Is it the mind, body, something else, or all that we are? I view suffering as germane to having a body. I have heard people talk about pain deep in their soul, and while there may be incongruence that takes place deep within us, I do not feel such vacancies are visited upon the greater one-ness of being.

Most suffering is either physical, mental, or emotional. Suffering often involves pain and it is my experience that our soul, or deeper being, is inextricably made of a fabric that is rich and sweet, exuding only love. I do not feel that pure being which is within me, which is untouched by this world, is capable of experiencing pain.

Pain and suffering is transitory; it is about impeded motion, or difficult transitions. The physical body, our mind and emotions, are in constant transition, going through a process that resembles the normal curve. My deeper being exists in non-duality where transitions between opposite poles do not exist. A person can transcend their suffering if they have developed their consciousness to do such. Also a person who is suffering often finds peace from suffering when they sleep; if suffering were part of our eternal nature we would not be able to escape it.
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