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Originally Posted by eputkonen
Suffering is far more simple. Suffering arises due to ignorance. Suffering is self-created and self-inflicted in ignorance and misunderstanding.

While suffering, by and large, ceases when the illusion of "me" shatters...suffering really does not cease by the belief that All is 'Itself' (One), and the capacity to resonate with, have faith, or trust in, that belief. It is not about belief, but profound, direct understanding. Understanding arises when you when people say, "oh, I see." So look deeply at suffering (and the roots and sources of suffering) and understand it. Better yet, look deeply at the "me" and understand it.

second time I've heard this today... I'll say again there are examples for example job and the guy in isaiah, both were righteous in their own right and yet through no fault of their own a great deal of suffering was brought down on them. And doubtless there have been countless others in the same boat. So to dismissively say to someone 'your fate is all your own fault' is quite mean.
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