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Pain following EFT

Are there any EFT practitioners / experts who could offer an opinion?

I've been using EFT on and off for about ten years, so I'm well used to practising it.

Yesterday, I created about ten statements to try to resolve a physical ailment I've had for many years. The time felt right to give it some serious attention with EFT. The problem affects the kidneys/bladder system (essentially fear and anger from a trauma). One statement triggered a flood of tears, so I knew I'd really hit on something important. I was doing the Gamut procedure after each statement. I repeated this one particular statement in between other statements until the tears had subsided and I felt calm.

As soon as I got up I noticed an ache in my lower back / kidneys which after a few hours travelled up my back. This morning when I got up I have a really intense pain on the left middle back. It doesn't feel like I've pulled a muscle it feels like on the surface of the muscles (not the skin). It hasn't stopped me running this morning.

Is it possible that the EFT has released the fear from the kidneys and its moved to this place in the body? I'm not sure whether to tap for the pain in the back or just leave it and see if it disperses by itself?
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