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hi Zeronknight I like to define it in a nutshell as "acupressure and affirmations" but of course it is much deeper than that. It is like a matrix buster basically, helping you pierce through programs and past issues and things that don't really belong or make sense, or belong for us to make sense of them and transmute or transform into something greater.

when you do EFT often you will have epiphanies and realize a lot of things and get to deep core issues and reasoning, or unreasonableness that gets easy to clear. It's really incredible and extremely easy, but it does take some dedication and a bit of time and energy. hardly any time at all compared to most healing techniques (well, in one research study 87% of PTSD sufferers were cured after 6 one hour sessions. I'll elaborate on that after mentioning it's also been researched/tested against conventional talk therapy and worked much better in much less time. so as for the PTSD study- They were checked up on 6 months later and after just the 6 hours of treatment still 80% were healed still permanently. phobias and other issues more minor take much less time. There are actually a lot of research studies about EFT. definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen or heard about that aspect of its efficacy. it seems miraculous how it works but I am sure there are sound explanations. pun not being intended, apparently the tapping sensation/sound on certain parts of the face and body send a deep important message throughout our being.

hmm I hope I'm not confusing you more lol, I could have tried to define this in a more terse manner but hopefully this makes sense. basically you just tap on some points on the face, like the sides of the eyebrows, under eyes nose and chin, collarbone (like the caveman spot which is also great for general acupressure, and activity like Donna Eden shares which I am bringing up cuz she is amazing, and actually her husband David Feinstein is the one who wrote the paper I linked above. I knew about EFT and that paper for a long time but only discovered Donna Eden at the beginning of this year and took me a few months to realize or learn that the husband of hers was the author of this paper I referenced many times lol. please check her out too, she shares her own version of energy healing with enlightened knowledge of the human body and energy systems and experience/research) and say something about your issue such as

'even though I have X issue I love and accept myself deeply and completely'

it gets more complex than that but it can even be made simpler, so have a look around at EFT teachers and sharers of this technique have their own take and shortcuts and such. There's another version of EFT called ESM (Emotional Self Management) and I read a book about that one. the book is called Instant Emotional Healing and it is absolutely wonderful too. it incorporates a few other things that can help heal and dissolve issues, like humming, counting, crossing the meridians of the body and so on. Two men (I believe they are both doctors) made their own tapping sequences and suggestions based on their research and clinical experience. There's a lot of nice information in the book otherwise too.

well I could go on lol but hopefully that helps? Let me know any questions or anything and I'll be glad to clarify confusion if I can. no I don't do EFT on myself enough lol but I always plan to more. actually I gave myself permission to put it mostly on hiatus years ago when I realized with it that I wouldn't be able to heal other issues til I handled my physical health.. now I know soooo much about healing and how to live properly as a human here on and with Earth. I just have to apply it more but I did especially do more EFT recently with a friend coach who helped. when he did it with me, (him speaking over the phone/internet and me just tapping along which makes it easier to not have to talk yourself but that can be worthwhile too) it like opened me up or something and unleashed stuff or whatever you want to call it, because doing the EFT made my gut roll! lol like it physically moved a great deal when I was tapping, and thankfully I since was able to achieve such a result or phenomenon on my own too. especially when I was tapping out in nature and trying to communicate with trees and stuff too. amazing.. and I am not that sensitive to stuff like this so it was so cool to have a definite physical symptom lol. omg actually I also felt stuff and movement all over my body as I did EFT for my body like telling myself my feet are healed and wonderful and this infection is gone or whatever, and then my toes and feet start actually moving when I am tapping and thinking or talking about them lol. it's so cool, I hope you can try and experience this. just try to be grateful for your body/self and give consciousness toward it and I'm guessing most people will feel at least a little something.

ok I'll end this here now lol
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