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Lightbulb Energy Rush through Back While Sleeping

About 4 times over a few weeks time period I have experienced something very odd while dreaming. In these dreams, something usually comes at me in some way. Usually, it's an animal or entity of some sort. I have had the same sensation each time. There is a rush of energy that goes through the middle of my back in a diameter about as big as a basketball and then I lunge forward in real life a bit. I wake up to this movement. It is not painful at all, more like just a wave. It is always accompanied by a dream where something is happening related to this wave of energy. If I had to sum up the feeling, I'd say it feels like something is entering my body.

**I want to put out there that I'm not looking for any medical possibilities as I know that is always a potential answer. Just want to know if anyone has ever had any experiences or insight on what it might be IF it's not medical.

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