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To recapture, I get birds, other birds too, that bring messages. This sparrow however has been really out of this World experience, well not quite, I should write a book on everything I've experienced this year, and call it. "The Not So Generalizations of a Twin Flame Counter Part" --- Huh, I should, maybe I'd make enough money to get my project off the ground full time.

When I was thinking about why the sparrow came today, I thought to myself because I watch energy reads online, I was told my TF was going to come back in, in December to want another chance of sorts or to mend a bridge, and I was to have a healing soulmate, which I messed up with already, and I felt my soul cry that day as well. Strange things here. lol

I was already told to let go & move on from my Twin in late October as I hadn't self cared enough.. and he chose another, I saw that she is pregnant now, and that they are now engaged, and I had said to myself out loud,
"I wondered if, I had not messed things up with said, healing soulmate, if the pregnancy or marriage wouldn't have happened, and entering in with this soulmate would have triggered something in my twin, to come back."

& what do you know, the little cherub sparrow flew back at my window, smacking her beak into the window.

& a little bit later, a clip showed up saying, it's not done yet.

I really wish though, I'd not messed things up with this healing soul mate, but I am told I have a couple suitors on the way, one I've blocked, and well, I don't really see anyone else that is interested, but either way, I am NOT giving up on my project because I believe in it whole heartedl

I also really wished, I would have self cared steady, and not been so reluctant to work consistently on this project, but I had fears of losing it due to the mental health, and I was exhausted. I am being taught to have a back bone, but I DEF don't have the calmness for this whole play out. I have been such a train wreck. Lost out on so much. I feel bad for the soul that inhabits me, and chose this course, my life, because I am not as strong as she'd hoped for. I think.

I just need to believe in myself.
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