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Having people that conflict with our egos - determine the bilateral meaning our source of ego is in confection… if you want them gone (the mass of notes) determine an outter ego - if something not in line with your states why complicate it? Not rushing is a good sign… bring in that ego talking - rush , when we are not rushing we can remind calm and get through it and make greater sense??!! There are people in my life I don’t want connection with either and coming from a composed tier remaining my confidence has no confection makes it easier to sever… ego can’t be the comment in the decision… difficult to have when these decisions need to be taken… my twin flame doesn’t have much to do with my children yet: we are yet to have children of our own.. us growing up together as children—-we are childhood sweethearts.. growing older together: there’s no need to rush because we are twins.. every touch lasts a life time and that’s just a stroke on the shoulder or hand in arm… we haven’t slept together yet…waiting for the right time but have soul kissed and slept together from our energy transfers… it’s not an ego place or a ego decision just it’s vague—- our twin flame connections is worth more than rushing and ego/ it’s committed and commented at the soul level… our decision to banish human commitment meant the reincarnation would get in the way from death of the avarta —- and committed not until our photons show up- we have soul kissed also-when you know the depths of soul you know the religious human rights of passage; doesn’t concur to the movement of the greatest love—-any thing that’s to do with the debt of death—-seems we are not willing to commit…we both agreed and parted ways in this encouraging… not until death do us apart— death doesn’t do us apart.. it’s one of thoughts things that doesn’t seem to come up- or subject which often happens… it hasn’t been a problem, manifesting the soul caressing and kissing seems to happen when we both reincarnated as avartars from the single source…
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