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I love it I do I need to get back into my heart I do my art I do but they're not busy the last month or so so in a funeral sorting out a funeral my uncle who had nobody really just me and my brother and my sister niece and nephews he had other niece and nephews but they were in it what in for me what's 3 kids no
I was the one it wanted me to meet someone nice but what's me but hopefully you'll get his wish
I did put some personal designs some personal portrait designs writings in his casket I did I did have him but they are personal
But I know I need to get back into it it and most of it art my spirit art as well
But I have been busy in church open circles been busy on that they're on a Sunday and a Tuesday but I know I need to get back into it
I know I did some spirit heart in the graveyard Gill Knockdown 3 when I did my strip tyre but I'm still on
Soon as I find my iPad my art pad with the drawings in I will try and put it on my my name's you a pics I think
But I love your art I do
dream jo

i dream dreams all dreams
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