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This morning I was pretty upset, and still having a hard time letting go of someone, and being on top of my self care & project consistently.

I was upset & half in and half out of sleep talking to spirit, basically begging them, because I have no self respect? & anyhow, today is the last day that people can vote on a video I made for a contest. & already told to self care brings in tangible support, and is healing...

& I was pulled by my higher self to go back to the dating world ironically, and I found someone but I already pushed them away, and again my soul cried. wow. I just am always backing out of my own healing and what I am deserving of.

But I hope that today and moving forward spirit won't take my chances at having certain things meant for this project away. Because I really need this contest money for the last of my startup costs, plus I found out I'll need about $5-$10k for liability insurance, but one of the board directors has already pulled the pin, and I wish I'd wasn't me.

Hopefully, the sparrow this morning was a good blessing...but I think she was sent to say hey, we are hearing you, it's okay.
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