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lol since the topic of farting was broached, we should look at why these certain foods make us fart and is that a good thing or bad thing?

I too heard garlic and onions were not ideal foods and one day I hope to eliminate or limit them, but for now I love them and use them in most of my cooking.

from what I gather, which is certainly not the whole picture, some of the reasons that garlic and onions are not the best foods have to do with them being stimulant, overly antimicrobial apparently killing off good bacteria and such we want the body to keep, and also their sulfur content, which while an essential mineral, is also a toxin and sulfur suppresses symptoms of pain and illness. but some of the most famed healthy vegetables also contain sulfur, the cruciferous vegetables cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, etc.. and there is research suggesting that they are anti-carcinogenic. which most produce is, but there's the question of whether or not they leave any damage or anything unwanted behind or if they are completely harmless. which is the question with most all foods or things we consume. Too often we weigh them on a scale at the store to see how much a couple pounds is gonna cost us, or weigh the pros and cons of the taste versus how many pounds eating this or that will add to our body lol, but we really need to be measuring how much positive and potential negative a given food or substance is going to impart at the end of the day after it's digested.

so in my opinion, for now I would say that garlic and onion are sort of like lesser-grade herbs, and could have a use as antibiotic and have other healthful properties, but overall if you are not needing to run a course of antibiotics or want something even more friendly like many herbs or other foods, then don't consume them if you don't feel that much desire to eat them. what is interesting to me is that consuming raw garlic makes my stomach hurt, well it makes me very nauseous and sick feeling, for a matter of seconds. I assumed this was because of its antimicrobial properties and that unwelcome visitors in my body were unappreciative of me feeding them raw garlic. one time I even accidentally ate my mom's garlic, which was not organic, and the garlic I bought was. and I was surprised upon eating what I thought was my garlic that I didn't get the nausea or little tummy ache. I only eat little nibbles, I don't eat a whole clove raw at a time for the record.. anyways later I saw my organic garlic was over in another area of the kitchen, so the fact I ate my mom's 'conventional' garlic explained why I didn't get the usual symptom. Now I don't know if this is true for all non-organic garlic cuz some of it might still give you that symptom, I don't know. but I do know that most garlic, and I think onions too, that aren't organic, have been fumigated or irradiated or otherwise poisoned before hitting the supermarket shelves! I believe the government, of the United States anyway, actually mandates that those and all spices that aren't organic be hit with radiation or gas or some sort of toxic processing before being sold.. you know, for our health

so if you are going to consume garlic or onions, try to get organic or at least make sure it wasn't fumigated or irradiated. but hey maybe that toxic processing helps soften the
perhaps undesired effects that the products naturally have? I wouldn't count on it being worthwhile though
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