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Hellos Toddy

Euthanasia is a very disturbing and difficult subject for people to discuss. Some people agree and others disagree.

However, i feel that Euthanasia should be legalised.. I see it as a persons free will. How can it be moral for legislation to say that we are allowed to watch our closest friends and relatives suffer in illness. When they and ourselves would rather end there suffering.

I probably think this isn't an ideal point to make but im going ahead with it anyway. When my dog got put down (she was a major part in our family), we were given the choice to end her suffering of cancer or let her live and die in pain...eventually. Of course it was a tough decision but we made the right one all round. I realise that this is an animal that im talkiing about but we do become attatched an the do become one of the famiily. If u have the right to decide over an animal....why not a human???