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Originally Posted by Native spirit
Yep the last two years have been tough for Everyone we have all lost someone we know.


Christmas will be hard for a lot of people because some people's got nobody because they lost friends and family because of covid-19 of covert night then stop them getting treatment
Or people getting the luxury I did of saying goodbye i in the chapel of rest I was lucky because I spoke to my mum and uncle I did I spoke to them like they're still alive
Then I get could you go on kiss a dead body I'll torture dead body because if they can't hurt you it's a littlest toxic
But it's past could not get the kiss family goodbye or hold their hand in the coffin like I did I realise I was lucky I think other people it does not make it out alive because of covid-19
2020 2021 has been very tough on her plate churches being closed not seeing friends all the churches it is a family
Been putting church is very realise they are a family to me a family that I love I don't know or cheesy cheesy but I love them I do
I know a lot of my chat has passed quite a few when I bite them I was not allowed to say goodbye because I've got it was last 2 years my neighbours in friend a past I do not get sick of b o b because of covid-19 offaly let's say goodbye
My mum I lost a part of the chapel of rest and held it and when nobody else would do it but me I give the kisses on the forehead and nobody has to do it but me I had his and I kissed on the forehead but I'm pleased I did Ed I'm at my mum I'm a lot like my mum and a lot of yours all good beers because I am her daughter I'm like a daughter and a tour of us together I'm mother for them through
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