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^^Good stuff, I imagine it must be a bit of a pain in the neck for you guys moderating the forum so hopefully something can be done to make your lives easier.
Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
I don't know. Red Stickies don't seem to do much.
Not many have read the Rules under FAQ ---so seems like a good idea.
Reminds me of the Airline Staff showing us what to do if we crash.
I tend to scroll right past the red stickies myself to be honest, though a message in big, bright letters at the top of the main menu should be much harder to miss.

Aren't new members given a link to the forum's rules when they join up? Thought I remembered that, could be wrong though.
'Our feelings are safe, no matter how intense they are. It is our tensing-up around our human feelings, our rejection and refusal of them, our unconscious efforts to destroy and annihilate and purify them inside of us, our shaming of our vulnerable inner life and the smothering of the inner child, which causes so much pain and suffering - not the feelings themselves.' - Jeff Foster
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