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Anna and the French kiss

“If God omnipresent, He must be resident within
We must feel then now, bliss tremors on our skin”


Been there, done that
Fleeting pleasures fall flat
Mitigated pleasure of intimacy
Foiled by stuporous delinquency
Where may be found zenith rapture
Raising stature above body caricature
Where peaked ecstasy each throb renews
Climax unending as soma nectar bliss spews

Restless Anna set off on an adventurous world tour
Lifestyle bohemian, French-kissing many a boor
She tried Kama-Sutra, frolicked with Shamans
Finally all proved to be ephemeral liaisons
Her heart burning with ardent yearning
She found not that ecstasy enlivening
Upon reaching point of exhaustion
Surrendered, entering meditation

A voice then broke the silence
‘Choose divine entwined parlance
Here and now, in this feeble mind-body
Meld head with heart resting desires shoddy’
Anna did as was told and in timeless time, behold
Polarities within form manifested ineffable bliss untold
Hidden conduits throbbed with magnetic electricity
Radiating from within, climaxing joy in continuity

Anna now knows, in being and so becoming
Vibrant blissful soul presence scintillating
Bliss bubbles burst, quenching her thirst
From head to toe in bliss so immersed
Thunderous rapture within pulsates
To the music divine her heart gyrates
Moment by moment, all moments be one
Her aura radiating glow of the spiritual sun
God alone Is
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