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we do admit
we anticipated
a loving embrace
from an unseen soul
wed chosen to befriend
under the cloak of anonymity
having thus nurtured in our heart
an outpouring of joyful endearment
our impulse although self existent
would yet burst forth into dance
on a mere flicker of recognition
infusing in the current colour
awakening dormant nodes
into blissful nirvana bliss
upon the grazing touch
soaked in pure intent
rainbow in full view

our humanness
oft called delusion
by adepts all knowing
enables us to feel nuances
within the void of no-thingness
as oscillations of layered awareness
orbits limitations of our mind body
whilst enmeshed in maya illusion
within remorseless earth duality
bringing to us joyful expansion
followed by heart contraction
which self quietly witnesses
from the fulcrum of silence
pausing to smell the roses
with lower mind in repose
as presence celebrates
both the ebb and flow
of emotion in motion
fleeting memories

Free Verse
God alone Is
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