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Our autobiography

finding ourselves here
awareness self-aware
ensouling form feeble
sensory touch external
our lower mind stirring
found ego urges rising
oft against conscience
throttling our innocence
reinforcing this torture
veiling love hues subtler
until we became dead
going where desires led
in cyclic joy and sorrow
fearful of the morrow
anchored in narrowness
living in stuporousness

over time we did realise
that love never does size
playful non-judgmental
ever vibrant and amiable
aglow moment to moment
in joy without abatement
continuum heart centric
imbibing currents eclectic
simply flowing like breeze
we embrace and release
when thoughts disappear
as waves of bliss spear
magically and osmotically
vivifying form beauteously
representing flow of life
devoid of ego borne strife

getting to this recognition
we opt for polarity rotation
resting thought fragmented
identity driven and limited
releasing flow of attention
in vibrant void of cessation
wherein in childlike trust go
wherever winds of love blow
with no trace of expectation
as also sense of anticipation
welcoming offered surprise
there being no ego to apprise
whereupon one with universe
aligned with the divine verse
thus in but not of this world
innate blissfulness unfurled

choosing to abide in silence
we rekindle loving innocence
as Gods essence boundless
ever entwined with oneness
this earth is our play centre
where in joy we may canter
mind body but an interface
being breathed by His grace
thus no doing need be done
save exiting ego stagnation
fixated not at any coordinate
tranquil in stillness sedate
melding head with our heart
with all one and none apart
is-ness of being-ness bliss
Gods hand continues to bless
God alone Is
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