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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
I have never read these, my friend.
But then I saw the title, Alone.
And I know someone that wants no advice, no spiritual talk, but
feels SO alone and lonely...and let's everyone know.

So I sent this poem since she sent me a quote of the day ...
'Can you go blind crying in the dark?'
(See how bad it is - her husband died suddenly after 47 yrs....they worked side by side and slept
in a double bed the whole time - she is lost.
BUT, wants no help!
Just to be surrounded by people and friends all the time!
But, people have lives and some are in quarantine.)

I trust one day she will turn to God. But I sure can't suggest it!
(And her therapist isn't seeing anyone during this virus.)

I will look for more poems here that could help her. Thanks, B.

Death of a spouse or companion does indeed leave a huge vacuum. How many of us have the recognition + assimilation of the knowing that death of form is of no consequence? Moreover, perhaps advice is easy to hand out to others but when it strikes close, it’s another story.

Alone and Lonely are opposite ends of the spectrum actually. Spirit is alone in its vibrancy whilst ego lonely in despondency.

These poems are but resonations as of flowing inclination, moment to moment, albeit distorted by perception! I am delighted that you find some of them useful to help those who may find meaning in the words

God alone Is
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