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When on unfamiliar terrain
In another domain
Taking time for familiarisation
Is prudence, not hesitation
Relying as always upon divine assistance
Navigating uncharted waters with confidence
Rooted in the knowing
That by divine entwined connecting
In an uninterrupted continuum
With no identity based residuum
We are in alignment
With inner & outer as enlightenment
Osmotically imbibing
Lovingly outpouring
Love divine sublime
In unending time

As above so below
In stillness our pure intent does follow
The rhythmic beat of the divine pulsation
In a continuum of timeless meditation
The vehicle as interface may be any
Enableabilities bestowed could be many
Yet we being not
Our ego naught
Neither measuring nor sizing
All doings being but happenings
With a smiling face
And a spontaneous embrace
Orientation of lovingness
Stance of fearlessness
We flow all aglow
Easy & slow

God alone Is
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