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silver swan
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Hi princessJ23 .
I read your thread and am very sorry about your great loss. It must have been a dreadful time for you. Like you I have been drawn to spiritualist churches through the loss of a family member. I really believe that it is not wrong to try and seek them out. I sensed the familiar smell of perfume when my mother in law passed over. I also find numerous white feathers everywhere i go and believe that this is her way of letting me know that she is still around. I also believe that when people pass over to the world of spirit , they remain the same person that they were when on the earth plain. Therefore they would want more than anything for us to be comforted by the fact that they were still all around. However I do not think that ouiji boards should ever be used as they can be dangerous. Just as there are people on the earth plain who are best avoided , the same goes for spirit. The problem with ouiji boards is that they attract low level spirits who do not have our best interests at heart. We have no control over the situation. However in a spiritualist church the mediums work only with love and light, so only the highest and the best will be attracted. Like attracts like. I also believe that spirit will come through when they know the time is right. Sometimes if someone passes suddenly they need time to get used to their new dimension and they may not come through straight away . This is what I believe. I am myself in the early stages of developing as a medium and so I can only tell you what I believe to be true through my experiences with spirit . I feel that if you continue visiting your local church you will find great comfort through a message from your loved ones.