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Telling others of autism spectrum?

My luv has autism and has learned to hide it in some ways. Has learned of this later in life.

There is this suspicion that the autism, genetic, is in his family in the older and younger generation. Nobody has said anything about this. I don't think anyone knows.

I have felt so far it is a good idea to not say anything, but I don't know if it is because there is a person in his family that's famous for creating all sorts of bad stuff, and I Know if this person learns he has it it is all going to become some kind of circus, instead of something good coming out of it. After everything my family been through I can't stand the thought of drama and basically want us to be to ourselves.

Still I feel a sort of responsibility that other family members have the right to know, as it is genetic, in case it can help in some way.

I have told him I will not say anything unless he would request that I do. That I respect his wishes. I will do what he wants me to do.

He himself has not taken it as a bad thing at all, instead he has felt at home and finally understood why he has been, is the way he is sometimes.

Even if several family members goes around without the diagnose he has told me as if he wants to explain that when this person says, does that and when that person says, does this - that it is because he think they are like him, and he understands them.

He wants to explain to me that it is not because they are rude or don't like me. I have told him several times that it's fine, that I understand. I know that the trouble-maker in his first family has done all sort of sick things to deliberately make me feel as if I am not wanted there and I leave it at that.

I think that will the trouble maker find out it will try to use it so that my luv looks stupid and so will then the others we suspect and he is not stupid nor is the others. I know from experience this trouble-maker will use what ever it can get it's hand on and turn it into something bad.

I don't want him to be stressed out in any way, and as we have one clear trouble maker from his first family I just know there is a high risk of that happening.

I have had just this urge, instinct to keep our little family to ourselves, but also the responsibility to at least share this with our own generation so we can help the younger, if need be.

My luv does not have all the answers yet, is waiting for that, further progress. Is it better perhaps to not say anything until all that is done with?
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