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On another thread, annonafox said that SF is now upgraded to a dedicated server - the implication being that it can handle better busier times.

That being the situation perhaps nothing much can now be changed? It's fingers crossed the server's performance has been properly matched to the anticipated needs of this website.

I know nothing about the way server's operate but the little I've learned about computers is that they function more effectively/reliably if there is a sufficient 'storage reserve'. If servers have comparable characteristics might there be justification for 'pruning' old material - getting rid of ancient and/or rarely visited categories and threads for example?

There is a huge range of categories on SF, many threads and postings from way-back-when. If a server would be quicker to back up, and/or quicker to process active discussions, by getting rid of little-used material then surely some housekeeping would be justified?

My guess would be that some of the threads could be made significantly smaller by removing the oldest postings without materially affecting their overall value for anyone looking back. After all, how many - I wonder - would want to read postings made more than, say, a couple of years ago?

Of course if pruning would achieve no significant improvement to this website then it would be a pointless activity.