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Originally Posted by BigJohn
Thanks for the compliment but I only did what any friend would do. And then there is what brings a twinkle to your eyes....... he is so precious no wonder you love him so much!

As for the hole:
Don't worry about the hole...... you got a lot of good more years ahead of you.

As for me, well...... I know one thing..... I am not going to be thrown in a hole!

I plan on getting cremated. I once saw a cremation done outside. It was an old lady. The fire burned for a few days. I guessed they caked her body in a lot of resins because she 'smelt' really good.

Some say I am going to 'Hell' in a hand basket. A long time ago I came to the realization that wasn't going to happen. First, they don't make hand baskets that big and secondly, if they did, I would fall out the bottom.
Heehee... And you won't go to hell either, as it does not exist... I won't go in a hole either, can't think of anything worse !... Cremation, nice and warm eveytime !!.... Today is a good day .. my little boy is like a golden angel... At least I have been able to experience being a grandma.... Children are so precious ...
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