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Originally Posted by Elfin
I know!!.... But you were a diamond given that I could only just about manage to pick up the phone... Never mind type a message out. They were difficult days... Thank you x...... And NOW .... I'm looking forward to Christmas, all be it in a different way... And a lovely thing today will be to see my lovely grandson via video call. I haven't seen him in the physical since mid October... And won't see him probably until 2021... And yes of course i miss him... But the lovely thing is that at least I'm still here, and am not planning to go anywhere..... I have not had time to experience the boy coming to "grandma" with the "sob story" of his parents won't let him have this, that or the other...and Grandma saying "Hmmm..... Don't worry.. I'll "see what I can do".... Lol... ".... Knowing full well I'm putty in his hands, and WANT to experience that moment at least once before they throw me in the hole ...!!!

Thanks for the compliment but I only did what any friend would do. And then there is what brings a twinkle to your eyes....... he is so precious no wonder you love him so much!

As for the hole:
Don't worry about the hole...... you got a lot of good more years ahead of you.

As for me, well...... I know one thing..... I am not going to be thrown in a hole!

I plan on getting cremated. I once saw a cremation done outside. It was an old lady. The fire burned for a few days. I guessed they caked her body in a lot of resins because she 'smelt' really good.

Some say I am going to 'Hell' in a hand basket. A long time ago I came to the realization that wasn't going to happen. First, they don't make hand baskets that big and secondly, if they did, I would fall out the bottom.

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