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It does raise alarms when governments don't preserve and protect natural woodlands. It could be an illustration that they care little for environmental issues.
Originally Posted by Native spirit
Nothing surprises me about this unselected tory party they rob from the poor to give to the rich, no wonder uk is being pulled apart when youve got a smarmy public schoolboy playing as being prime minister, Namaste
Who are these ''poor'' people in the UK (and other developed countries)..? Have you been to Africa or Asia? There you will see poverty.
Originally Posted by Wisa'ka
I have to wonder about those lands that have been almost cleared of trees and the people who live there. Did their ancestors hate trees that much ? Is this why such people have lost touch with the spirits of their own ancestors and now attempt to associate with the ancestors of people who love and respect the forest ? Did the new religion play a part in this, deeming the deep forest as a place of their devil ?

Doubtful, I'll get a response.
For many Christians throughout history the forest has always been a place of superstition and 'pagan' worship. The so called nature-friendly religions in the east are quickly proving to be no different. If you check Google Earth you can see that Buddhist dominated countries such as Thailand are almost rainforest-free.
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