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Originally Posted by ekayes
All I can find on telepathy is how to "develop" it. I want to LIMIT it. I have come across vague references to shielding (not clear on that) and visualizations like imagining a locked door in your mind. This isn't working.

I found W.E Butler's introduction book on telepathy a pragmatic, no-nonsense, academic approach and greatly appreciated it, but he does not discuss how to block. I didn't see any answers that helped me in this forum, but I saw some others who feel the same way.

I know experts like W.E Butler and Edgar Cayce must have known how to do this and how to instruct others. Can someone point me to formal teachings? (I cannot afford to buy every book written on telepathy and see what it says.)

Thank you.

Do you mean limit other people from reading your thoughts? Hm. I would probably work on self-acceptance. Have nothing to hide, and own your flaws.

Or do you mean blocking the telepathy because you just want a break?

If that's the case, here's my secret. Take a sleeping pill and chillax. :) Sweet, sweet telepathic-less sleep.
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