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Originally Posted by norseman
IN the UK, Chiropractice and Osteopathy are similar but different - not exactly sure how. Chiropractice appears to be "senior" of the two disciplines.
I have had my back "cracked" a few times by an Osteopath.

Here in the US they are a bit different. Chiros fall into two main categories... those who are strictly medical in approach (the bone crackers as I call them) and those with a more spiritual/metaphysical/holistic bent. Osteopaths, on the other hand, are almost exclusively strictly medical.

However there is a third and really quite marvelous modality that sort of blends the osteopathy with the first chiropractic approach, and it is called ortho-bionomy.
Basically the ortho-bionomist practitioner with great knowledge of the structure of the body... bones, ligaments, tendons, muscle, etc... gently moves the parts of the body in distress or pain into positons of ease and relaxation to "teach" it that there can be a better and more comfortable way. Ortho-bionomy "instructs" the intelligence of the body consciousness, in other words.. "speaking" to it and having it talk back in its turn.

I have been using this modality on an old injury and it's been nothing less than
amazing in what's its accomplished in terms of flexibility, mobility, and relief from pain. It's a slow and gentle approach, and it won't cure a person overnight, but it's totally gentle and non-invasive, and if you are lucky enough to get a truly sensitive and well-trained practitioner, it can and will accomplish great things!
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