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Originally Posted by Legrand
I had a post erased because it was all in French greeting this person from France. It is why I stick to English here.

I've always had a great interest in languages. Can't really explain why. There was a time, several hundreds of years, when French was the socially accepted language of kings and emperors throughout Europe. Russian high society at one time prided themselves with this ability. Maybe I should have been an anthropologist instead of a comm tech???

I correspond via another site with a lady in Peru who speaks Spanish and one Indian dialect. In find it interesting that they also use the term Indians (Indios) when referring to indigenous folk. I wonder what people in India think of all that? She is a health care professional who is also an astrologer. It's a great opportunity to learn Spanish. Sometimes I use a translator. Sometimes not. But as with French, I always use a dictionary.

Well in my next lifetime I'm going to be a planetary biologist born and living on Mars. The focus then, in about one hundred years from now, will be the importation of various fresh water species to introduce into the deep aquifers (500 to 1500 meters) which will be found in the temperate latitude highlands. They remain to be found but right now they host only microbiological life. They are remnants only, in decline. We will be developing them so that we will be less reliant on off planet supply transports and locally produced synthetic foods. I wonder how long it will take for Mars English to move away from Earth English. I find these things to be most interesting.

I'm looking forward to those times of adventure. I wonder what form personal computers will take then? Probably we'll all have one implanted in our brains shortly after birth and then an education will simply be downloaded. Sounds boring.

OK I'll return to the topic of this thread....

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