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Inner guidance

look not outwards, oh hermit!
for I Am within, judging neither fault nor merit!

you can do no wrong!
come! let us sing the love song!


As one with oneness
Never ever separated
Pulsating with joy
In unending renewal
Climax unending
Bliss ineffable
In rapturous singularity
We are complete
With God one
Nothing to be done
In continuity

God wishing that we
Become as He
Immerses us in duality
To face adversity
By being veiled
Which is the same
As shrouded in darkness
Cloaked by limitation
Of time, space & wisdom
Doing so with this assurance
That He will be with us within
As our conscience

The sublime radiance of God
Shines in beauteous hues of love
Prismatically coloured
As bubbling joy
Impetuous empathy
All encompassing compassion
Bliss ignition in continuity
Encased in the vibrant void
Of pristine purity
All holographically present
In all sentient beings
As His essence

It is easy to see
That nothing need be done
For we are already
With God one
Yet since we are bound
Required to strive
To garner experience
Feel pain of separation
Before delighting in union
Love in love with love
Pining for itself
We are granted free will

Free will a boon
Soon becomes bane
Since freedom to choose
As co-creator of life
What is our excuse
If engaging in strife
Having forgotten our origin
We seek expansion
In the narrow domain
Of ego cravings
Holistic view, no judgment
Delusion is but misalignment

The void of silence
Which is our home
Wherefrom we arose
We go in there
After exhausting ourselves
In the external world
Of fleeting illusions
Dark fears
Unending desires
Thus in stillness
We reclaim our divinity
Felt as blissful serenity

The way to begin
Is to cease grasping
Quit stagnating
Desist from attachment
By simply flowing
In gentleness
Listening to the voice
Of our conscience
Which is God Himself
Waiting within
For us
To awake
God alone Is
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