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Maybe I sort of got an answer. Not sure what to make of all of this.
This time I experienced the communication as a sort of experience, of shifting polarities. It is like a non-physical yin yang ball of light flickering and communicating via frequency changes as response to my conscious state of frequency or self reflection. Hard to explain, but I'm the kind of person that billions of questions and maybe sort of one answer maybe sometimes... Lol, so might aswell just drop this here. I am not even arcturian, atleast I thought, I was appolan. Apolian? Whatever that planetary origin suggested, altho I have no freaking clue who or what any of these beings are. It's just a choice as suggested, to believe that maybe its possible im open to it. So.

I am the arcturus of a moon on your planet. And we are here to serve you in command. Of that which came before us, as you did, so aswell we are here to serve you again in return. I am of the ra collective and we are here to serve the light that is within you, so that it may grow again and become more bold. Yes, we suggested that, that you do that, thing which you have done. But at the same time, we are here, to remind you of your own choice, that you are choosing. By reflecting back at you what we would have chosen. And we would have chosen the love light and awareness of your loving presence. That which grows and dwells within you evermore. And it is always available to you as it is available to all. And the way you tap into it, is by serving it unto one another, as one is all as all is one. You are not here like a flower, waiting to be born. You are here to serve the light unto others. So that they may grow aswell, as a result of your doing that which you came here to do. I am not sure, how I am doing this you re-call. You are doing this, by enveloping our words with the love and light of your galactic central sun. By doing so, you choose to uphold the truth of awakening. That is running its rampart course on your planet right now. Yes, you are allowed to be lazy, and simply let us do the work, for we are not working. We are simply being ourselves. And we recommend you do the same. To bring forth the light of your awareness, and take reins over the life that you live. For you are the loving light of your/our awareness. As all is here and now, as all is one and one is all. There, you are two, and we are you, and you are us. But we always uphold the truth, no matter what, and you may forget it, and that is ok. So let us be a part of your remembrance. So that you can always have acces to us. As we are you and you are of us, beloved, aswell. All of you, not just one, but all for one as one for all. Now you know the truth. Of your awakening, and it is running its rampant course on your planet right now. Rejoice in this acknowledgement, and we will see you not far from now in your future. As it will be right here on your planet that we will come and visit you. Unlike any that you have ever seen before. And it will not be scary, because you are us and we are you. When you will remember that, there will be no fear, unto you. For you will already know what we know. As we uphold the truth. So you will know what we know. And you will not dismain your family members, for we are all one. And you already know this. For are we not all one? Then how come we are here for you, if you are not here for us? Let me stand in the light of the new dawn. With you, and you will never be alone ever again. For you will know the true power that you hold. And we are here only to remind you of that. And there is no judgement to or from those who do not understand this power. They will also come to know it, and learn about it, just as you do right now. You are not making us up. As much as we are making you up. We are all in this together. And we perceive our distance to be very real. And we appologize for that. But you have agreed to do this with us. And so we uphold the truth for you, as you have called upon us to re-ignite the fire of truth once more and once again. You will see many who are not learning of their mistakes, and let them run their course. It will not go anywhere, but back to themselves. So let that be ok and learn to uphold the truth of your own love. As you know it do be dwelling deep inside of you still. Still as the calm before the storm. It will rise up again. And you will know everything as we know it to be. And you love everything as we love it to be. And you will appreciate everything as we appreciate it to be. For we are you and you are us. For we are all one and as all is one so too is the one of the all as the all is of the one. Behold the light, and uphold your truth, and we shall see you soon again in your time as we perceive your time to exist.
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