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Originally Posted by Challenger007
Yes, there are many species in the animal world that have a mostly monogamous relationship. The same cannot be said about people.
... Very true. And that is why they can learn such a lot from wildlife....
.. And when they give of themselves 100% into the relationship for life, it hurts all the more when it ends.
A famous pair of black swans where I used to live in a lovely park.
Had been there for years.
One morning, park keepers found one of them dead.
Cut up and tortured by thugs/ lowlifes/ waste of spaces/ murdered / and suffered , at the hands of so called "humans"...
Disgust can not even come close to describing these "things"...
Hope they come back as swans and suffer same fate .
Probably will if you believe in karma.

The other swan, the one left, slowly grieved its-self to death.
He died of a broken heart.
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