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Originally Posted by sprite
sorry , but cant "anyone drop by" when spirit comes close and talks to us?
i dont know the spirits connected to someone else but they come through, or is it those who drop by are unsavory spirits?

sorry but this sounded good when it was in my head but not when i put it on the screen!!

Hi Sprite

I'm reasonably well versed with spirits as I used to live in (and work for an organisation who owned) one of the most haunted estates in the country.
Spent 6 months there and learnt a great many things abotu spirits in the process.

Generally speaking, the place was a nightmare!
No, it was an old 15th century building with roots extending as far back as the viking invasions.
I only know there was history that far back because one of them popped in one night when I was in bed! Ha Ha!
He leant over and looked at me with a bemused look on his face?!

I also came across a Knights Templar, who died in the battle of Arsuf in 1191. He fell on the battlefield, having come off his grey Andaluscian horse, and was soon murdered. But his body was brought back to England. In this case his spirit dropped by to help me progress an investigation as to what the estates undocumented history used to be before the tudor period? There were also a large number of monks - the land was a key spiritual centre throughout the ages - and the land was slap bang in the middle of it!
There were Augustine monks and Fransiscan Nuns and Monks - one of the Nun's who is now a good friend of mine! Her name's Bernadette and she died in a fire in 1375. She's been helping with my mediumship (and was helping with my protection and understanding in what was a strongly negative environment at that time) but she's truly lovely!
There were also leapers who were hospitalised and died on the estate, old landowners, maids, civil war soldiers - as it was a military stronghold during the english civil war of the mid 1600's - lads who tended the horses, people who were tried and sentenced on the grounds - being a law centre throughout the Tudor era. There were highwaymen, regal spirits, and some seriously key figures throughout history who I won't mention at this time! And there were also strong masonic links, but not of the nice variety!
Satanic rituals and worship?!
Still in the process of sorting that little lot out! Ha Ha!
You name it though, I came across it!

In general, I'd say the majority of the spirits who made themselves known needed help? They were stuck in limbo, and my job was to release as many as possible into the light. We got up to about 90 or so, at a guess, but the job still continues. It's one heck of a project.

I've had angelic assistance dropping in, again for protection and guidance. One night there was a bloke who came into my room chasing another?! He carried out a mass slaughter on the grounds - at basement level - around 800 years ago. So we rescued the young man and suspended the nasty one at high level until he decided to chill out a bit.

Some of them were 'nasty' I guess, but only because of how they were mistreated in life, or what those times were like back then?
Being murdered or having been mistreated to the extent where they lost themselves when they came to pass - creating their own limbo with anger or frustration.

At all times I was safe and well though with every one of these spirits.
I took the role very very seriously - it became a ministry - couldn't afford not to take it seriously - the place was swimming with energy of every kind imaginable! Did not open myself up though to anything unless my guides were pressed against my back and gave the signal to begin work.

Ultrmately though, I soon came to realise that 99% of trapped spirits are exactly the same as us?
They're human? With human problems and human emotions?
Bonded to the physiacl realm for an array of personal reasons?

Mr bedroom was by far the most haunted room in the building, and when I first got there there were two malevolent spirits who gave me hell night and day! One of them, Agnes, was murdered in the building having been mistreated by the men of the 1700's, and after talking to her and telling her how compassionate I felt about her demise - I seriously cared for her - she cried and we were able to help and send her into the light!
What an event that was!

The next was Mary, and she hung herself by accident. Well, she didn't mean to go through with it, but it happened because she was treated extremely badly too? And she was a complete bugger at first, and had been a bugger to many many people (as well as mediums!) before I moved in!
But again, we spoke and resolved the problems. It took ages, and it didn't seem likely to work, but it did. I opened my heart, and we resolved the issue through compassion and love. When she went through she apologised for all the grief she had given me, and to this day both Agnes and Mary remain two of my very best friends in the spirit realms. Both have been back to say hello since, and they have both offered their support with my work, and to be honest, I really can't wait to be back 'home' to spend alot of time with the both of them!

The only one I struggled with was a man called James, who really didn't want to go!
And do you know why? Because he thought his father woiuld be there, and he really didn't want to see him father due to fear?
But his father wasn't there, and his mother came to the doorway to see him over.
He still didn't really want to go, because he was that dead set on avoiding his father, but he did in the end.

At the end of the day, the experiences I mention involve people in need. I say people, but what I mean is human spirits who stayed behind. There are many other forms of energies out there other than human spirits, animals for example? - but in general, they are human with human problems and human outlooks.
Yes, there are nasty ones, but Mary was a nasty one? She used to pull people out of bed and all sorts!!
She was definitely poltergheist quality! But after the initial confrontations, she was as human as you or I, and love was the only answer.
And I love to love her, and do not mind at all that we didn't get on at first!

Oh blimey! As I've just been writing this Agnes has drawn very very close and helped me with my energy! Ha Ha! Bless her!

To be compassionate in the dark of any situation is a blessing, and even though you also need to be able to say no when the time isn't right sometimes, there are many spirits out there who just want to say hello.

Hopefully that helps to answer your question. I'd be happy to chat more at any time.

Love and light,