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Originally Posted by silver swan
Hi again.
You said that your friend saw your face changing. I have been told this is overshadowing, when your guide comes in very close. I think it can be the first stage of trance. I had it happen to me. I wanted to speak but stopped myself. I must admit I am a little nervous of going in to trance. Has this ever happened to you?

I have seen this many times through my family members. In Haiti this is quite common for the spirits to take over the host body although we do not see the face literally change before us. What we experience is the difference of the person's facial expression looking meaner or speaking sternly or their body movements. It scared me when I was younger because I never understood what was going on. Now I'm beginning to learn everything about the religion (vodou) because my spirits help me when i'm doing a reading for someone. Although the spirits verbally speak to me, they do not enter my body unless someone is trying to harm me.