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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
No advice on the type ---just beautiful, pleasing music, with no words...and continual, no breaks or pauses. :)

I have to agree with you. Once I had a few session with a coach I was able to do it by myself (although with the coach I go deeper and the experience is stronger). Just connected breathing during one hour, being aware and relaxed, try to not be stuck in the mind, mental shatter and let the magic happen.

I've the feeling rebirthing and holotropic are quite similar in fact. In rebirth my coach used a kind of background, relaxation music with no rhythm, no real melody, always the same vs it seems in holotropic they often use strong rhythmic music with drums to begin and then more emotional music.

There is just one thing I think is important is when doing it alone we can have the tendency to breathe in a shallow way, or to not take enough air so that we don't feel some repressed emotions or body sensations and it can be necessary to breathe a little more air, a little more fast in order for the real thing to happen.
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