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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
And I say unicorns exist on another planet in another dimension.
Or at least another dimension around this dimension - the Astral? I dunno.

Why they wonder into our 3rd dimension and have been seen by others - that I have no answer for.
Same with fairies and leprechauns --why they
hang around here - I dunno, it's not their dimension.

But, then we have an Astral Projection section here - why does anyone travel elsewhere? Who knows.
Cuz they can, I guess.
Spirits, angels, all sorts of things that know how to appear here do, if they want to.
I don't see any big deal - except why come the this place? But they have their reasons.

If someone doesn't get that there are more places or dimensions then here, than this is nonsense to them.
Why does there need to be other separate dimensions, and places other than the right here and right now? Wishful feel good and comfortable thinking and feelings, wants and desires, which are clouded/conditioned falsely by the mind?

Oneness/wholeness is Oneness/wholeness and is exactly that, not many dimensions or places.
"Not-being was this in the beginning; From it arose. Self-fashioned indeed out of itself." -Upanishads

Heaven, Earth, and I were produced together; and all things and I are one." -Chang Tzu

"It is from the nameless that Heaven and Earth sprang." -Tao Te Ching
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