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Originally Posted by ThatMan
Very interesting! I am going to try this but nowadays it's very hard for me to ground myself while I have an OBE, I tend to go with the flow...

Anyway, about the silver cord, I've never seen it but I sensed it at least 3 times, it's like a wire that connects your physical body with your astral body, it is an astral wire and it is infinite. I sensed it when I had my second or third OBE, now I have over 200-300 OBEs but I am stuck in this endless loop of not being able to ground myself.

In my OBE's If I don't stabilize myself on the very first moments after separation - My vision start to "blurr & fade" meanwhile I'm still there 100% conscious & awake, and then I snap-back to the physical body in less than 1 minute.

For me it works saying commands like "Control Now", "Stability Now", and to focus on the details of the environment while not moving anything. Completely stoped out, and being 100% present like a meditation without engaging on the chatter of the mind, and emotions.

Then after having a peceful & focused mindset, I go into my goal laser-focused.

I have to this routine all the time, and multiple times like a good habit in an OBE - Otherwise I will snap back to my physical body.

At first it will take time & practice to get the skill, but then, you will do this subconciously competent.

Try it, and see if it works.

Practice this in the physical body too. Go from room, to room, and do exactly IF you were already in an OBE. In order to get used to it
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