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Originally Posted by ScientificExplorer
We have multiple bodies/vehicles, accross the entire multidimensional spectrum of reality.

The silver cord in theory should be applied on the ethereal body / ethereal dimension linked to the physical matter dimension - Right?

But...If you phase your consciousness into the astral body / astral dimension, which is the next inward dimension from the ethereal, is 100% impossible that the silver cord is going to broke - Yes or no?

The moment you do an OBE, stabilize yourself, control your mindset, get calmed and then command "Next Level Now" - So you change your ethereal body, into your astral body.

Remember than in reality "you're not going upwards", instead of the complete opposite, you're shifting your active ego/consciousness inwardly from within.

The source, the heaven is always within yourself, and readily available. You don't need to go anywhere to search for it. Just commanding "Next Level Now" over & over & over until you finally go beyond form into pure inconditional love which is the source of everybody.

Is a wonderful dimension - no question about that - where you can get answers, healing, help & empowerement.

You don't need anybody else to help you go there, and you don't have to go anywhere.

Do an OBE, and command "Next Level Now" over & over until you go into source, so you can ask all the question you have & gladly a friendly helper will come instantenously

Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Jurgen Ziewe, Tom Campbell all of this OBE Explorers they did for more than 40 years, INTENSE explorations, and any one of them had any trouble at all with any silver cord.

In fact, the silver cord is and old belief.

None of this authors have seen them, neither do I with my OBE's

Very interesting! I am going to try this but nowadays it's very hard for me to ground myself while I have an OBE, I tend to go with the flow...

Anyway, about the silver cord, I've never seen it but I sensed it at least 3 times, it's like a wire that connects your physical body with your astral body, it is an astral wire and it is infinite. I sensed it when I had my second or third OBE, now I have over 200-300 OBEs but I am stuck in this endless loop of not being able to ground myself.
The truth.
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