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My longest dream

This morning I had one of the longest dreams I ever had, in our time, it lasted around 8-10 hours. It started in the morning and it finished close to night. Now, I wanna tell you this, this was an ultra real dream, high definition in details, very very vivid.

This was a journey, I visited at least 3 towns, 2 cities and met many many people, they were all guiding me. I never visited these towns in real life nor the cities. I never met these people in real life, except one person.

When I was in high-school, my best classmate died, he was the one who first talked with me when we were in the first year. He died in a car accident, it was such a shock to me. I could not attend to his funerals. I've been telling people that with few days before his death, his whole body was glowing, this golden white light was emanating from his body.

So I woke up in my dream, it was morning, there was someone with me, another boy, I never met this boy in real life, he was there to guide me. We started on a journey to find this class mate of mine that died, he was in a town that was quite far away, in real life, he was really close to my house.. just 20-30 minutes away from me.

This boy, that was helping me find my classmate, knew the exact way to my classmate, we passed through a couple of towns, two cities and then we arrived there. I saw all the towns and the cities in detail, I felt the ground under my feet, I felt every step we had to make, man, I was so tired and thirsty. This was the season of the summer, the air was really warm and the weather was really nice.

When we arrived close to the place where my classmate was living, this boy disappeared and left me all alone, luckly, I found my class mate. We talked and we talked and we talked more and more, then I asked him for a glass of water and we went to a well and I drank a good glass of water. He was expecting me and more, I sensed that he knew that I am dreaming, that I am not aware of the dream.

After some time, I had to go, he walked with me some path and then I told him that I remember the way back, but the truth is that I only had a very foggy idea of the way back. He left and then I started my journey back, but back to where? Probably back to this reality.

Not long after, I started to understand that I have no idea where I am going, so I started asking people about the way back. The first people I interacted with were some young girls, they were playing and a blonde girl bumped in me while I was walking, this did not felt right and I told her to be more careful. Then I arrived in a town, here the roads were pretty small. I saw so many people, they were kinda watching me in their town, me, a complete stranger. I entered the house of a family and there I asked for help, an old lady came and helped me, she pointed me to the right direction. They were like 5-6 members of that family. It's funny, I could enter their houses with no problem, as if I was somehow "special" to them.

Once again, after some walk, I lost myself. Now, I noticed a man standing on the road and I asked for help, so again, this man pointed me in the right direction. I was asking them about this or that town, but the details I was giving were completely wrong, I noticed that they were aware of this but kept playing along with my limited understanding.

Now, I found myself in a school, there were children there, somehow I passed through the class with the computers, believe me, I could see them playing computer games, having fun, I could "taste" the whole atmosphere created by those computers, you know, that particular smell.

My journey was very crazy, I was walking up some hills then going down, on and on. At one point, I was in a town with poor people, there I saw a mother and two children, they had a house made of earth, no windows, nothing. Their whole food was a plate of boiled beans. When the mother saw me, she started crying for my help, saying: "Help me, help me, please help me..."; as I said, I was allowed to enter their houses and they were of my presence, as if I was somehow "special" for them, I don't really know what this means. Their image is stuck in my mind, ohhh man... when she looked in my eyes, I felt her despair..

After so so much walking and walking, trying to find my way back, every step became harder and harder, I was soo tired, then I felt as if I was teleported back into my body and this is how I woke up. It's funny, that at the very end, I was carrying more things then I was when I started my way back, so many things, and I have no idea from where I picked all those things or what this does mean..

The thing that made an imapct ( except the one with the mother ) on me was the fact that I needed water, I was so so thristy and that water I drank, was straight from the ground, from a well, natural 100%. When I woke up, this stayed with me, I kept thinking about this particular moment.

Such a long journey, the details were incredible, I could feel everything, the ground under my feet, the air, the warm in the air, the grass, the Sun, even the wind.. everything.. I saw all the signs of the names of all those places, I actually passed by them but I can't remember, one I still can, "Sanai" or something like that. All those people guided me on my path to my classmate and back.
The truth.
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