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O wow, how special that you got to know so much about that life!

To me it feels like this man in your past life most of all didn´t know how to express love. He reminds me a little of my dad and how he talks to my mother. Already as a child i said to my mother that what he said in a hard way or loud tone in fact is him saying ´I love you, but i just don´t know how to express this to you...i really find this so hard to express.´

This last week i have been thinking on and of about love...real deep love, from the soul...unconditional love...I think for most people this is so hard to express or deal with...that it seems like it is easier to just ´live on the surface´ if you know what i mean.

Today i read some things on this forum about past lifes and thought about what i experienced through several dreams and (self) regression and came to a conclusion for myself. The few (possible) past lifes i remembered pieces all i experienced the feeling of unconditional pure love for someone special or people in general. It didn´t matter who they were or what they did. And for some, even that agressive husband, i even ran to do everything to make their day. I just couldn´t hate him. Even after what he had done in the end...´he just wasn´t able to do things in another/better way´...

Today i suddenly ´recognized´ how i still am like that. Running for almost everyone, saying sorry for almost nothing, or even when the other is wrong and not is still me saying sorry.

I just wrote some things in another section on the forum...about working in the ICU for years...and how my body now, for already 5 years, prevents me from working there any longer...I just wrote there that it feels like i have to find out right now who i am without having someone else to take care of. Looking at these few past lifes...about unconditional is easy when i have someone to take care of, but right now i am somewhat alone (have friends and family) but i am struggeling with that love...mostly for myself...I think my purpose in this life to learn to find myself important as really take care of myself with that unconditional love for myself...

Wow, sometimes you can have such a day where some pieces seem to fall in place.

About what you wrote about maybe someone incarnated close to, this brought a little tear in my eyes, because yes...i had this thought about my nephew. I have a niece as well and i love her as well, but have a whole other feeling about him...even sort of ´he is mine´...even while not seeing him that often.

And about them being around in spirit....a few months ago after i woke up in the morning i had a strange experience...i felt/saw how a woman left my body (out of my neck) and i instantly knew this was the woman i was in that past life...

It´s all very interesting...thanks for sharing your experiences!

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