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Physical exercise is beneficial in a multitude of ways. It is a highly effective low risk approach which is almost certainly beneficial. My company is called Strength Based Training, and although we are not a mental health organisation, we take the whole person approach physical, psychological, social and environmental.

Our name 'Strength Based Training' is taken from a social work concept called the 'strength based approach'. This approach works by identifying the strengths of individuals and utilising them to bring about the kind of life they want.

I specialise in strength training which involves lifting progressively heavier barbells. The individual sets a measurable goal like they want to do a 150kg deadift in 6 months for example. We know how the body adapts to resistance and we can predict time frames which are realistic and create a training program designed to attain a specific performance target on a specified date.

The individual first sets their own realistically timed goal. This sets the conditions for self-determination. We discuss how making a committment to the goal is important for inciting higher levels of determination. We instill consistency so that people understand that they have to budget training time which works for them. When they commence their program they see how their weights increase incrementally. They see for themselves that they are on track to where they want to be, and all they have do is persist and their targets will be realised. Then the person follows through with their plan and successfully lifts the target weight they trained to achieve.

In this way, we have a highly psychological approach to strength. On a foundation of self determination, virtues such as being realistic, having commitment, determination, consistency and persistence are built. These are the psychological strengths that physical strength is build on.

Having followed the program schedule which you determined for yourself, the date arrives to attain the goal. When that weight is lifted the person sees that they can do it. This 'can do' mentality is translatable to any and all of the other life changes people wish to make.

We don't care about brain chemicals of stories. It's simple. You have to do what it takes to make it happen. After your first program you prove to yourself that you can do what it takes... and 'I can' is a very powerful thought.

Exercise naturally make people feel better because we are designed for dynamic movement. Our approach uses mind/body connection to increase individuals' body awareness and coordination. This involves focusing and being consciously aware of the muscle you are using. The first few weeks of our general physical preparation period is entirely focused on mind/muscle awareness and deliberate hard muscle contractions. Being aware of the body sensations and doing deliberate hard contractions for high repetition sets enhances neurological pathways throughout brain and body as the same pathway is fired over and over again... You get very good at firing your muscles as the electrical capacity of motor neurons escalates. IOW, the energy being transmitted around the body increases.

Well, I could go on all day... but all I'm saying is, yes, there are many ways exercise benefits mental not to mention physical health... so make a start which is easy to maintain and stick to it.

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