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lill angel
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Angel1 visited my demon in my dream

Ive written in these forums before about having sleep paralysis and also went through a bad phase of being visited my an entity which i have now overcome the fear and have dealt with the problem until last night ..
After reading things on this board i believe im starting to astral travel i didnt understand what was happening before but now beginning to understand the reasons a lot of things have been happening to me, even tho i havnt chosen to AP it has just happened, im embracing it and enjoying the experience (not that i have got very far only in my bedroom lol) but last night i was woken up and paralized and as i was beginning to feel myself move from my physical body i was stopped by what i believe to be another entity , i tried not to be scared and ignore it but then i was covered in spiders which really did terrify me , so i bolted myself back awake and got out of bed for while so i didnt go back into it ..
Later when i went back to sleep i was visited again by a demon(incubus) in my proper dream state it was horrible the ugliest thing ever, its head wasnt even attached to its body , i was fighting to stop it getting to me by trying to draw a pentagram on to the incubus (in my dream still)
It started to threaten me by saying "i like you and i dont want to have to hurt you just do as i say and u wont get hurt " in my dream i was scared of what it could do to me so i stopped fighting against it and said ok just dont hurt me ..
When i have woken up today and thought about my dream , im scared that because i stopped fighting and said ok just dont hurt me , that i have now given this entity some form of invitation to come to me , ive read on the internet that we can subconciously (im not a good at spelling) allow them to use us by giving in ..
When im in a paralyised state i can control what i say and do but because i was in a normal dream state it was like i couldnt control what i was saying in my dream
I would never invite or give permission for these beings to use me not matter how scared i was ..
If any1 could help put my mind at rest id really appreciate it
thank you x
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