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Theta response

From what I know about Theta, is that it is a lower brain frequency which means that your brain is processing information at a different speed. They say the lower your brain frequency is the less ego you should have. The normal daily functioning brain is in Beta which is full of stress, worry, anxiety. Theta offers your brain a more peaceful operating speed and can allow you to enter deeper states of awareness and meditation. Should help activate both sides of your brain to slowly integrate as one. You should meditate with theta atleast 20-30 minutes daily, I recommend in the first week you use theta 3 times a week, for the second week, 4 times, third week 5 times eventually till your meditating with it everyday. Remember that your perception will gradually shift to a more blissfull state so be open to the experiences you have and remember spiritual understandings as your support :)

I wouldn't recommend relying on Theta all the time your brain should be able to meditate in pure silence too ( focusing on the breath )

Ps. If you thought theta was good...Delta is the next step deeper then theta :P

Cheers; Mike aka Moderndayguru
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