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Originally Posted by lyzth
What I understand is all events are happening, they do not finish in our common "time perception", they happen over and over under different parameters, and the same landscape is what bond us through memories of what had happen, what is happening, what will happen (this is just our perception, because, in such assumption, there is no ordinary past, present, or future). It is all in a common landscape from which we retain memories (yes, I assume we can have memories of what is about to be... this is crazy).
Interesting. That is more or less how I understand the concept of the block universe, but when you put it in terms of all events are happening over and over again, it drives home the concept of reality being a standing quantum wave. The information to construct and experience all possible events, past, present, and future, encoded within. One of the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics is the conservation of information. If true, and past, present, and future, are all equally real in the present moment, then the information to construct them must be there as well, encoded in that standing quantum wave vibrating away in Hilbert space. So this idea of a memory of a future event doesn't sound so crazy, it becomes more a matter of how one's consciousness interacts with that wave to extract the information to construct and experience events.
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