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Originally Posted by mjd-healingjourney
Hi BJAsapace, I am a newbie here but I've been lurking for awhile now. I think it's *normal* to feel unwanted, especially when one's earlier message indicate that one is unwanted.

The way that I've come to stop those thoughts is keeping a journal. I write down the good, bad and ugly. Sometimes, I write letters to those who've harmed me and burn them as a way to release them from my mind. Sometimes, it takes doing this repeatedly to make it work.

You are NOT unwanted. You just haven't found the place where you feel wanted and that's okay. Many people feel that way. Take time to consider YOU and find your internal "happy place". Once that's done, you will attract the kind of people that you need in your life.

I wish you well. I wish you peace.

Second this, although original post was so long ago. I hope OP is doing better.

Remember: the best people are strange, because to be real is to be strange. And it takes a heck of a lot of courage to do it. So be proud of that.

Also.. maybe you are that sensitive, but I would be careful believing all you hear at face value. I have a lot of experience now with hearing voices, and what I can tell you, is that YES, sometimes it is telepathy. HOWEVER, not ALL of it is real. Some of it is coming from our subconscious. It takes discernment to know. Always verify your messages when you're in a half-sleep state, if you're not sure. I've had some I was SO sure about, only to get into trance, and find my lighter-state messages were wrong. Those lighter states (waking mind) are harder to work with.

Another thing to consider. What you believe, is what you're focusing on, and law of attraction will manifest more of what you focus on. If you're focusing on the thought (yours or not) that you're unwanted, then you will be unwanted. However, you can just shrug it off, and not pay it any mind. Maybe go do your own thing for a while so you feel better. Even if a person really thinks that, they may change their mind given a little time. That happens all the time with people. We're not static, and we have moods.
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