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Originally Posted by Jainarayan
It's also the greatest blessing to be killed by God, since instant moksha is guaranteed. Hiranyakashipu hated Lord Vishnu so much the Lord was always in his mind. One could say that Lord Vishnu took up a lot of room in Hiranyakashipu's head. Being a devotee is not only about love, one can be a devotee in hatred. So when Hiranyakashipu was killed by Lord Narasimha, moksha was instant. All one has to do is think of the Lord upon leaving the body. I prefer to think of him with love though.
Most definitely!

It is also my understanding that Ravana was fully aware of that too, so the whole scenario between himself and Lord Rama was scripted from the very start, only Rama/Vishnu was fully aware of the background story, whilst Ravana was not.

Lord Shiva often gets blamed for giving blessings and boons to demons like Ravana and Bhasmasura, however Lord Shiva, in His defense, always says "my blessings are available to all who seek it - it is just unfortunate that Asuras do, but who am I to take sides?"

Well, Lord Vishnu in His guise as Mohini helped Lord Shiva out with the whole mess He got himself into over the Bhasmasura incident - being very careful not to destroy Bhasmasura Him/Herself because Bhasmasura wasn't deserving of Moksha as he had no care for the Lord either way.

There is a very interesting dynamic between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva..they are the greatest devotees of each other!

However, Lord Shiva did actually make good with boons as well... Parvati and Mrikandu/Rishi Markandeya being two cases in point.

It is very difficult to keep in constant remembrance of the Lord as a Bhakta and the trials of Narada Muni attest to this.

Narada Muni was a great Bhakta of Lord Narayana...always going around chanting His praises..."Narayan...Narayan"....just like that...he was usually made the "comic relief" of most Hindu teleseries during the 1980's

One day, Lord Narayana decided to test Narada's devotion by placing a full lota (jug) of water on his head saying "I want you to walk to the other side of Bharat without spilling a single drop...BUT you must always be in constant remembrance of me too" to which, Narada replied "no problem" however it soon became a huge problem for Narada Muni, because if he focused on not spilling a drop, he lost remembrance for the Lord and as soon as he regained remembrance for the Lord, water went everywhere.

This illustrates how difficult it is to remember the Lord whilst doing other things and of course, all of the Gods in Devaloka kept on having fun at poor old Narada's expense.

Like the time when Narada thought he attained to Moksha, but he was so puffed up with pride and arrogance he gave all the Gods a headache by reciting the scriptures to them, Lord Narayana sent Narada down to the human world to chill out where he fell in love with a princess...she fell in love with him too and they were about to be married when Lord Narayana played a cruel joke on Narada, changing his appearance to an ugly old man so the bride wouldn't recognize him...even though he appeared to himself to be the same whenever he looked in the mirror..the wedding was eventually called off because the groom failed to show up.

All the Gods were in fits of laughter over that one for many years...

Yeah, I have all this stuff in my head...ALL of the Puranas are in there scene by scene...get them out! LOL

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