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Hi Enlightened_soul. I have had similar experiences and I would say not to give in to them as they may be inhabitants of the etheric who are trying to attach themselves to you. I have found that when they attach they can cause illness so maybe one has caused the cyst in your armpit or at least been involed in it. Its good that you pulled away.

When I first encountered these beings I was frightened and would wake myself up to get away but over the years I have learned to get angry with them and maintain my own boundaries and yell at them to #&@#$ go away!!!! There may be better ways to deal with them such as asking for help from a higher being like Buddah or Christ but I haven't tried that method yet. We naturally pass through the etheric when we sleep and mediate but sometimes we seem to get stuck in it, maybe at times when we are feeling vulnerable in ourselves for some reason.
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