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Strange occurence while meditating??

So I am very new to meditating and awakening my kundalini.. I've only been practicing for about 1 month. I recently found that I'm meditating incorrectly I guess you could say. I started with being reclined and listening to binural beats and now just recline in silence. I have just found that being reclined is not a good way to practice, however a few days ago I had an occurence. I'm not sure whether I was in meditation or drifted off into sleep. What happened was something had a ahold of my arm and was putting tremendous pressure in my armpit area to a point where it felt painful. I remember trying my hardest to pull away from whatever it was that had ahold of me. I remember finally breaking free and suddenly coming to, or waking up. It felt very real and similar to dreaming of falling and waking up right before you hit the ground or being chased by a dog and everything seems in slow motion and you wake right before the dog reaches you.
Another strange thing that I remember is I was trying to meditate and I was in more of an upright position. I remember just starting to drift off and heard something or someone whisper "zero" as if next to my ear. I suddenly opened my eyes because i guess it sort of spook me. At the time of these occurances I was alone in silencewith only an AC unit running.....Is there any significance to this?
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