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Entities attacking mediums?

I've been friends with a developing medium for about a year now. We share all of our spiritual experiences and text message almost every day. Often times she tells me about these "attacks" she experiences, and she describes them as dark entities that give her feelings of heaviness, a lump in her throat suddenly, or dizziness...the symptoms vary. She tells me of spirits she senses in her new home or at work and she attempts to cross them over and she prays and prays for protection from angels and guides, etc.

While we talk a lot about spiritual stuff, we also talk about real life day to day things, emotions, relationships, etc. I feel like any time I talk about things that bother me or issues I have with my family or marriage, she tells me she thinks I have an entity attached to me or feels something dark come into HER space.

For example, last night we were texting and I was telling her about an issue I'm having with my husband's family and how it makes me feel sad. Our conversation eventually ended last night, and I thanked her this morning for holding space for me to vent about it. She replied that after our conversation last night she felt something dark enter her apartment, she got dizzy and a lump in her throat and how today she's going to get holy water and bless her space and she thinks I should do the same, that she thinks I may have an entity attachment that's causing my issues.

Granted, I am struggling with some ongoing personal issues, but such is life. Before I become fearful that there might be dark entities lurking around me and run out to get some holy water, is it even possible for my developing-medium friend to be "attacked" by "entities" that may be attached to me just by texting with her??
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