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My son saw fairies as a toddler and more so after his bout with pneumonia in 2009. They were the Tinker Bell types. They hovered in plants and all over the house. He didn't like them because their voices were too soft and squeaky and they looked "girly." But he admired them when they rode on insects like dragonflies, or the snowflakes. Once 2 dragonflies stayed near me in the garage for at least 10 minutes. One of my kids said the fairies were riding them.

My daughter had or maybe still has multiple Tinker Bell type fairy friends or guides. They played and talked to her all the time and even followed her to school. I really didn't believe her because she had over 30 and she gave each individual names. She even drew pictures of them. There were tree, air, water, land, flower, and vine types. I'll never forget the time her fairy friend sang for me. Her voice was ethereal- clear, deep, and rich. I could not see her but I heard her beautiful voice! She used to see them in physical forms and now it's more of the orb form. My son is the same. The older my kids become, the less they see of these beautiful beings.

There are different types of fae. Not all types are friendly and helpful. My husband was bitten by a brownie in our bedroom in the middle of the night. It left 2 bite marks on his ankle. We had gotten into a fight the previous day. He said he saw a gargoyle like creature bite him and vanish into thin air. Another time, a heavy short, heavy creature charged into my bathroom and charged back out and disappeared. A friend thought it was an elf. Lastly, I remember seeing a large cat creature in my kitchen when we first moved into the house. It was 3 foot tall and 4 feet in length. It looked straight at me and just disappeared. I've seen other small spiritual creatures in the house that may be sprites.

My daughter used to say hi to the "Guardians" each time we passed by a cemetery near our home. Guardians are a special type of fairy that watches over people and the spirits in the cemetery according to my daughter. She invited one to go to our home but was declined because they are never allowed to leave the cemetery premises. They were born to serve the cemeteries until they are relieved from duty.

I asked my daughter where do the fairies come from and she said they have temporary homes in our world. They also have a home back in their dimension. They can go between worlds at will. Some enjoy our foods very much and some won't even touch it. I remember I left some chocolate for a vine plant fairy and he said that chocolate is bad, LOL. There's so much that we don't know about the existence of these energy beings. One has to have experiences to believe.
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