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Originally Posted by anthony c
I have found that meditating on your thoughts to be very tough meditation practice. I have allot of thoughts and most of them are not positive. I think to myself, you want to get out your head not in it.

I also get very agitated when i do this meditation and keep thinking: i hate this and want to stop. I can see that this practice when you get it right can be very rewarding for a person like me but wow its very though.

I have done this practice before and have had some success and the key to this meditation is to see thoughts as thoughts. When you think i cant do it or like i was thinking at the time, i want to stop... that it's just another thought and you should just observe it as a thought and not get lost in the content of it and try to let it pass.
I understand what you're saying. My brain hates being quiet. It prefers to think, think, and think. My suggestion is to pick a phrase and say it over and over and over while you're meditating. Just practice focusing on the one phrase instead of your other thoughts. It gets easier over time. The key is to keep practicing even after you get distracted by your negative thoughts. You can always re-direct your attention back to a single phrase. Of course, this is difficult. I'm still struggling with meditation, but having a point of focus for my mind to repeat over and over is probably helpful for my active mind. It may be worth a try for you as well.
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